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    Officers and Board Members of Sampler Guild of the Rockies 2016-2017

    President: Sherry Mamasian

    First Vice President/Programs:  Theresa Shafer Rapstine

    Assistant to Vice President of Programs:  Danielle Gavito

    Second Vice President/Membership:  JoBeth Wisehart

    Secretary:  Patti Dagg

    Treasurer:  Nancy Buelow

    Nominating Committee Chairperson:  Jean DeHaven

    Past President:  Judy Tyykila

    Member Care:  Kaye Wilson

    Historian/Librarian:  Susan Hick

    Hospitality:  Linda Turk

    Seminar Coordinator:  Kathy Sanders

    Show & Share:  Vacant

    Newsletter Editor:  Katrina Devine

    Website Coordinator:  JoBeth Wisehart

    Facebook: Vacant





    A picture of some of our members taken in May of 2013.  We currently have 80+ ladies that belong to the Guild.